Domestic Violence Help, Hope, and Healing for Abused Women

Domestic violence can now be apart of your history. No more physical violence. The emotional abuse; however, will probably continue to affect you long after you have left the abuse, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! We want to provide a space specific to survivors that will touch on necessary topics of recovery. We are advocates, and also survivor's who have worked with many wonderful women through their emotional up's and down's. We are not therapists, but together can provide resources for those in need of them, in their county, and in their state. This site will touch on legal services, support groups, housing, and many other necessary services for surviving domestic violence, and to be effective outside of relationships. We hope you choose to add to this site your own voice, when ready. Your voice being heard is very important. It serves several purposes to voice your opinions, and we have provided a safe space to do this in. Disclaimer: The site, documents, and opinions contained in this web site are presented for information purposes only. This information is meant to guide survivors, advocates, students and families in their endeavors to learn more about domestic violence from multiple advocates perspectives. If you have any concerns, please notify us by posting, or contact:

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