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Welcome to our About His Love Heals - Domestic Violence Help™ page.

"His Love" is God's love and He is ready to heal your hurt.

We are glad you are here! His Love Heals, Domestic Violence Help™ is an organization dedicated to bringing healing and hope through the Word of God to women who are victims of domestic abuse. Through Jesus’ love the battered, abused, and hurting learn how to live free from abuse, and become inspired, encouraged, and empowered to create the fulfilling and successful lives that they deserve.

What Others Are Saying: I am excited for Kelly's book to bring healing and hope to others. Many times we create in our own victories the keys that help others find what they are looking for. I pray for you to find what you need in these pages.

Danny Silk, Leader at Bethel Church, Redding, CA
President of Loving On Purpose, Inc.
Author of Culture of Honor

The Beginning of
His Love Heals, Domestic Violence Help™

How We Began
Discover how Kelly went from severe depression (lying in bed all day), read about the devastating violence that cause a brain trauma, PTSD, and amnesia, read about her crushing divorce, and read about her having no desire to live to then having God-size dream, God-size hopes, and God-size visions.

About His Love Heals the Founder, Kelly Ann Evers

About the Founder
As a survivor of severe domestic violence and sexual abuse and through the extraordinary, transformed life God has given Kelly, her mission is to bring healing, health, and hope to battered, abused and hurting women by empowering, encouraging, and inspiring them to succeed. Academically, and in the field, Kelly has spent the last decade...

Kelly's Personal Values
Hi, and welcome to my personal values page. Please visit the personal values that I strive to live by...

About His Love Heals Ministry Values

Ministry Values
Come visit our His Love Heals Ministry Values! Come see how important you are to us!

What Do We Believe?

What We Believe
We believe that the Word of God is inerrant (meaning without fault). We believe it is the inspired Word of God... For more on what we believe please click on this link.

God Wants You to Know He Loves You!

Tell Them I Love Them
Experience an up close and personal God who loves you dearly. He sees your pain and He will not allow the abuser off the hook. Come and see just how much God loves you!

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What Others are Saying: Kelly has a tremendous heart for the broken, battered, and abused. Her compassion for hurting people and her desire to see them brought into wholeness is what compels her to act on their behalf. Kelly understands that it is the love of God and the power of His Son Jesus that is the ultimate key to unlock healing to people. I so appreciate her willingness to reach a mission field of people in desperate need of the life-transforming power of the Holy Spirit.
-- Pastor Reggie, USA

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We're praying God's miraculous blessings and prosperity for those who donate today!

So Glad You're Here!

Kelly Ann Evers, His Love Heals, Domestic Violence Help... www.domestic-violence-help.org

Hi, I'm Kelly.

I have created this website to share tips, ideas, and planning tools for all your domestic abuse needs. Each page gives you the courage to make sound choices for your future.

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Please don't wait until it's too late; Your safety and privacy is protected. Please take the first step in caring for yourself.
~ Kelly

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