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Kelly Ann Evers is the founder of His Love Heals, Domestic Violence Help™ organization. HLH is an international organization dedicated to declaring the love of Jesus to victims and survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.

As a survivor of severe domestic violence and sexual abuse and through the extraordinary, transformed life God has given Kelly, her mission is to bring healing, health, and hope to battered, abused and hurting women by empowering, encouraging, and inspiring them to succeed.

Academically, and in the field, Kelly has spent the last decade researching how abuse can affect women on every level of their lives and using that knowledge to teach, train, and encourage women to live free and heal from the ill effects of abuse.

Additionally, she invested over a decade studying the psychological profile of batterers, including behavioral patterns, statistics, recovery, and healing. This knowledge has been used to teach Pastors, Priests, and Rabbi’s how to care for victims of domestic violence, how to recognize batterers, how to care for batterers and abusers, how to counsel victims, do’s and don’ts of victim and batterer care, and create her notable “Batterer Intervention Program.”

Kelly also is a published writer, victims advocate, and mentor. She will be completing her Master’s Degree at The Kings Seminary in Van Nuys, California. She is a proud mother of two and grandmother of one.

What Others Are Saying...
Kelly is a passionate, vivacious woman full of life. Her passion to help people, especially women, is so very genuine and contagious. Her warm smile and bubbly laugh are infectious and people can't help but warm up to her. She is a crusader for those that cannot always stand and fight for themselves. It is an honor and blessing to know her and to be able to call her a friend.
Jacklyn, CA

To learn more about author, life-coach, Domestic Violence advocate, Kelly Ann Evers, founder of His Love Heals, Domestic Violence Help™ organization regarding: Victim Advocacy, One Step at a Time Program, Classes on Biblical Understanding to Domestic Violence and Healing, Understanding Domestic Violence, Safety Planning, Help with setting personal plans and goals, Resource Materials and Referrals to Community Organizations, Spiritual Direction, Prayer Support, Life-coach Support, Pastoral Training in Caring for Victims, Batterer Intervention Program, please

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Hi, I'm Kelly.

I have created this website to share tips, ideas, and planning tools for all your domestic abuse needs. Each page gives you the courage to make sound choices for your future.

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