You CAN Hurt No More!

You CAN Fight for YOUR Life!

Ready to Live the Life You’ve ALWAYS Wanted?
Because that Life Really CAN be Yours!

Can I share a short story with you...
and the reason I wrote, "Hurt No More?"

….I think when we are confronted with moving forward in life, especially when we experience abuse, it makes it difficult to move forward. I know I experienced that repeatedly. It’s terrifying to move forward when you’ve been told you won’t make it repeatedly.

During my marriage, my husband had a jewelry store and I had 4 retail stores. I was grossing 1.5 million a year in my stores.

During the final “episode” of our life together (and abuse), my husband violently beat me causing brain damage, PTSD, and so much more…

I survived of course, but lost the businesses (he sold them off and put the money in Lebanon) – not to mention taking 500K out of my house to pay for legal fees.

Surviving Great Loss

Shortly after that, brushing that painful past, I started a daycare. It was a top-notch well known, plus had a 1 year waiting list. It really was the most treasured job I ever had!

Unfortunately, I got sued, spent my entire savings and took another 200K out of my house to pay off the attorney (I won -- but at what cost -- I lost everything I had).

After that I started a jewelry business, I already knew all about jewelry because of my husband, so I became a designer, spent 100K on jewelry and shortly later the market took a huge dive. I lost again.

More Loss, More Illness, but Great Determination

Pulled myself together went back to school got my BA then half way through my Masters I became very ill. I had 4 serious heart conditions, stage 4 kidney disease, bladder cancer, and all my organs were failing. No surgery could happen because my heart wasn’t strong enough. No kidney transplant because of the bad heart. I only had months left to live. My only hope was prayer. Being a leader of a prayer group and a pastor of a church helped, I had a group of friends that held me up, encouraged me and prayed for me. God eventually healed me – a miraculous event. (I am walking proof the God heals!)

The medical bills were my final hurrah of my money. Not a penny left, I lost my home, cat, dog, belongings, moved from my real family and friends, had to leave my church family and my position as staff/pastor. Had to move in with my dad and step-mom.

Will the Failures Ever End?

From one failure, to the next, to the next, to the next... One loss, to the next loss, to the next... until I have nothing left.

Sometimes fear of failure strikes me, wondering what will happen next.

I Will Fight... Regardless!

But there is something in me that fights.

I think about Abraham Lincoln who had so many failures before he became president. And Adam Graham Bell, and Edison, each one had one failure after another but they pressed through.

Although this seems to be about loss and failure, it’s actually about rising up and be who you really are – who God has created you to be! You can hurt no more.

You don’t have to live in a life of loss, abuse and failure, you can brush off your past and discover an amazing life – the real one God wants you living!

The Lord's Encouraging Words

I remember the Lord saying to me once: Kelly, failure happens when you quit; success is getting up one more time and trying again.

Is Life Really My Choice?

I want to encourage you that your life is a choice, you can choose the next steps in your life -- to hurt no more, living in abuse is a choice, and there are so many options to help you out.

This book is not only about your options of getting out of your situation, but it’s a word of comfort, a book of healing, hope, wisdom, and guidance to living a beautiful life, the life you were meant to live. You can hurt no more.

Don’t give up dear friend, your hopeful future is just around the corner. Really!

The Lord bless you,

Are you ready to hurt no more?

Don't let another day pass you by, don't let another day of depression, hurting, sadness take over your life. Because you DESERVE BETTER! You deserve to heal from abuse and hurt no more.

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You Deserve to be Free from Abuse Enjoying a Happy and Fulfilling Life

It's easy to believe we are getting what we deserve and there is no hope to get out, but I want to encourage you, there is hope. You don't have to give up.

I Had the Same Fears as You... But I Decided to Fight

I, Kelly, had all the same fears, I even had additional fears of my ex-husband taking my children to another country where I will never see them again.

I had threats of no money, no family to help, my situation appeared hopeless. But the truth was, those were his threats and I had found enough resources to help me find my freedom from him.

And you can too!

In this book you will see my own pain going from depression, suicidal, and sleeping in bed all day to making sound decisions to wanting to live again.

Personally, I believe if I can do it, any one can. I know everyone says that statement but in my case, I know what a basket case I was, how timid, terrified, and hopeless I was and I was able to make enough changes to find healing through prayer and the Word of God. I was able to see the hope God had for me. Please don't wait another minute, fight for your life, fight for your children's life, your family's life, and everyone else in your life. They need you more than you think. The reason I believe "Hurt No More" can help, is because it was my life.

Ready to Heal from the Inside Out?

This book is about healing from the inside out. It is filled with life experiences, how-to's, and prayers that move you in the right direction, and it has 100's of resources to get you going in the right direction. Don't wait, please order now!

About the Book - The Back Cover

In Hurt No More! A Journey of Healing from Abuse, Kelly Ann Evers reaches out to abused and battered women with her own compelling and inspirational story. After escaping from her abusive husband, she was unable to enjoy her new found freedom because of the emotional, physical, and spiritual scars left from years of domestic violence that kept her feeling hopeless, defeated, and depressed. Determined to set herself free from her suffering, she found the courage to search for true happiness and a meaningful life.

It was through the Word of God and prayer that she finally attained deep healing from the abuse--and so much more! Today she can honestly say that she lives a beautiful life!

With love and wisdom, and through personal experience, Kelly helps readers discover the power of prayer that heals the deepest pain of abuse. With 1 out of every 3 women in our nation experiencing abuse, women are looking for answers to healing. Her desire is for you not to give up or settle for anything less than God’s perfect purpose for you. “Hurt No More!” gives you the desire to put one foot in front of the other – trusting God with all your concerns – and teaches you how to tap into His strength by soaring above life’s tests and trials through prayer and the Word of God.

A Beautiful Adventure is Waiting for You!

Hurt No More! A Journey of Healing from Abuse will help you:

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I'm so HAPPY
our paths have crossed...

Kelly Ann Evers, Kelly Evers, His Love Heals, Domestic Violence Help

If you are experiencing hopelessness from the pain of abuse, don’t wait, this book will bring you comfort, God’s comfort through the prayers that healed me.

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Testimonies and Reviews
about Kelly and the Book


Hurt No More Book Review:
I am excited for Kelly's
book to bring healing and
hope to others. Many times
we create in our own victories
the keys that help others find
what they are looking for.
I pray for you to find
what you need in these pages.

Danny Silk,
Leader at Bethel Church,
Redding, CA
President of Loving On Purpose, Inc.
Author of Culture of Honor


Another Hurt No More Book Review:

Kelly Ann Evers is knows from
experience that just getting
away from ones abuser
doesn't stop the pain.
Hurt No More is an
excellent resource for
women caught in abusive
relationships. Evers talks
straight with victims of abuse.
She helps the reader call it
what it is and identify when
she's in an abusive relationship.
There are practical checklists
for preparing to leave safely,
guided prayers that
connect the reader with the
protection and peace of God,
and specific studies in the Bible
to complete the journey
to healing that is only
started by the act of leaving.
Get this book into the hands
of any victimized woman.
It very well could save her life.

Shelley Leith Co-Author,
Character Makeover

Shelley Leith
Co-Author, Character Makeover


Another Hurt No More Book Review:

Hurt No More will be a wonderful
help to those who have suffered
from abuse. I highly recommend
this book to you.

Dr. Mark Virkler
Prayers That Heal the Heart
--Dr. Mark Virkler
Prayers That Heal the Heart


Another Hurt No More Book Review:

Kelly is one of those people
who touches your heart the
moment she looks into
your eyes. She truly sees you,
which is an extraordinary
gift in these quick paced
times, and she takes the
time to get to know you.
I felt safe with her the
very first time we met,
and I found myself looking
forward to seeing her again
and again.
Kelly enters into relationships
and life without holding back.
She is passionate and loving,
sincere and overflowing with
love. She is a woman of
genuine beauty that radiates
from the core of her being,
and her presence alone can
change the atmosphere of a room.
Kelly's life and message is
one of hope and life,
she is a wonderful woman.

Tracy, CA

Another Hurt No More Book Review:

Kelly has a tremendous heart
for the broken, battered,
and abused. Her compassion for
hurting people and her desire
to see them brought into wholeness
is what compels her to act on
their behalf. Kelly understands
that it is the
love of God and the power
of His Son Jesus
that is the ultimate key to unlock
healing to people.
I so appreciate her
willingness to reach a mission
field of people in desperate
need of the life-transforming
power of the Holy Spirit.

-- Pastor Reggie, USA

Another Hurt No More Book Review:

Kelly is a passionate, vivacious
woman full of life.
Her passion to help people,
especially women,
is so very genuine and

Her warm smile and
bubbly laugh are infectious and
people can't help but warm up
to her. She is a crusader
for those that cannot
always stand and fight for
themselves. It is an honor and
blessing to know her
and to be able to call her a

Jacklyn, CA


Another Hurt No More Book Review:

Kelly Ann Evers is one of the
most charming,warm, loving people

you will ever meet!
She has a true pastor's heart;
she cares deeply for women
and their welfare.
As an abuse survivor herself,
she is passionate about helping
other abuse victims get the
help and healing they need.
Kelly is truly a woman after
God's own heart. She has an
incredible personal relationship
with Jesus, and she draws
her strength, wisdom,
and inspiration from Him daily.
Her humility, prayerfulness,
and outstanding character
make her an invaluable source of
spiritual and practical help
for anyone going through abuse.
I am privileged to
have her as a friend.

Mike and Norma Letinsky,
Kingdom Partners, CA.


Another Hurt No More Book Review:

The prevalence of Domestic
Violence in the United States
and other countries
is a subject that I encounter
often as a Consumer Advocate
and Health and Education
Research Consultant.
I am full of praise and respect
for Kelly Ann Evers and her work
as an advocate for victims of
domestic abuse. Kelly is
well-educated on all levels
of domestic abuse, both academically
and in the field, and her dedication
to helping people is inspiring.

Diane B.


Another Hurt No More Book Review:

I have known Kelly for almost
7 years. In the time that I have
known Kelly she has always had
a heart for women
to be healed, restored & know the
deep love of Jesus. Kelly has a gift
to get into woman's hearts and for
them to trust her. Kelly is an
encourager and always has words
of wisdom when she ministers to
a woman in need.
Kelly has had many years of
experience dealing with abused
women and knows how to reach
them. Many lives have been
changed because of Kelly's
heart and
care for women in need.

Pastor Mary, Moorpark, CA

Another Hurt No More Book Review:

I assure you, Kelly Ann Evers
will be a household name in the
not too distant future.
She is one promising writer
and advocate!

- MJ Wilcome UK.

Another Hurt No More Book Review:

"Your book is so amazing.
It is like breakfast
with the Lord. I am eating it up.
When I have to deliberately put it
down, I leave it feeling satisfied
and wanting so much more.
I am carrying your book with
me everywhere I go!!"

Another Hurt No More Book Review:

"The vision for the book is
brilliant because there is
very little Christian
material around that could
even begin to help someone
who has been hurt
in this way and is hungry
for God's comfort and restoration.
The author is courageous in
sharing her story."

Another Hurt No More Book Review:

I will finish reading this
tonight... your writing feels
like a letter from a closest
friend, or soul sister... if
there is such a thing!
Amazingly, no matter how recent,
or long ago we were hurt,
no matter where we are at
in our journey to
complete healing and wholeness,
there is always a new level of
growth, healing, and wholeness
to be experienced.
Your writing is an inspiration
and entices me to want more!
Thank you dear friend!!"

Pam Murray
Founder of Surviving Domestic Violence


Another Hurt No More Book Review:

"Kelly is the kind of person that others confide in and bear their souls with. She is an exceptional listener,
great encourager and defender of truth. Because of her ministry
the broken find a place to heal, and the healed find a place to dream again. She really cares. She takes the time
to care and that is a rare
commodity these days."

Pastor Kim, Moorpark

Another Hurt No More Book Review:

"Dear Kelly, there is so much
I could say about you and all that
you are to me. One of the biggest
things I want to share with others
is how you heard from the Lord
in my gravest hour of despair.
I attempted to end my life
a year and a half ago. I have
suffered so much pain in my body;
my marriage was a big stress at the
time, life was too much for me
and I decided to end my life.
I honestly felt that
taking my life would be a
blessing to my husband, family
and friends. It amazed me to
see you, Kelly, standing
next to me demanding that I
open my
car door; I thought
I had picked a
place that no one would find me.
BUT God and you had something else
in mind when He showed you where
to find me, you saved my life and
I am so grateful. My husband
and the rest of my family are
so very thankful too. I think
you have a special gift
from God and I can't even tell
you how many times you have blessed
me since -- I know you'll always be
there for me. I love you my dear
friend and guardian angel!!
Much love to you, Anonymous."

Another Hurt No More Book Review:

Who is Kelly?
What do I know about Kelly?
Kelly is a comforting hug. Kelly is
not conditional. She has walked
the road that she offers to walk
with you. Her resource for helping,
comforting, encouraging and guiding
is life changing. Do you want someone
whom you can lean on? She is a strong
support. She is steadfast. She is
trustworthy. She is a safe place
for you to go to. She offers the
best, because she is in touch
with the best... Pam P from California.