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Welcome to our Contact Us Page! We have so many options for you. Whether you have questions, prayer needs, want to share a testimony, need to contact our staff, contact Kelly personally, or would like to join a support group or forum, you've come to the right place!

His Love Heals, Domestic Violence Help™ is not just an organization, it is a place where you are family. So come discover your new family! Want to be rejuvenated, refreshed, and recharged? Try our "Tell Them I Love Them" page where you will learn about God's love for you! Or how about our encouraging Bible verses, where you discover the power, strength, hope and joy in God’s Word with these encouraging Bible verses. Now and then we all feel down, depressed, and discouraged, but with these 30 Bible verses –- it’s a guarantee to lift you up in no time!

Come and Join Us

Domestic violence and it's aftermath could be a very lonely place for a victim, but His Love Heals is changing that! We have formed several support groups for you to get involved in. So go grab a cup of tea and some cookies, find a cozy place where you can meet some new friends and have fun. We believe everyone has something to offer. So as you receive from one of your new friends -- don't forget to pay it forward.

Have a general question that one of our reliable staff can answer?
Please use our contact us form at the bottom of this page.

Women's Support Group
Come take a look through our different support groups and forums and see what appeals to you. Then come join in and have fun.

Domestic Violence Support Groups
Domestic Violence Support Group is a forum where friends help friends though domestic violence situations. Whether you are just learning about abuse and domestic violence or you've been around the block for a while, this group is for you.

Share a Testimony
Has something amazing happen to you? Did God do a miracle in your life? We want to hear! Sharing a testimony will give others hope in their own situations.

Online Prayer Requests
Imagine a dedicated group of women (that's you!) praying for you. Imagine having women know what it is like -- having been there, done that -- praying for you. Imagine knowing your prayer could be the one that changes a life. That's what prayer does -- changes lives, and we want you to participate. Whether you need prayer or want to pray for others come and join us.

Question and Answer
Got Questions? Got Answers? Join our Question and Answer forum where you can ask questions about your current situation or answer questions from someone else. Yes, we believe you are an expert! If you've gone through something and found success or even failed at something, you have knowledge in that area and that makes you an expert. So come on in and join fun.
Contact Kelly
Need to contact Kelly Ann Evers, the Founder of His Love Heals™ with questions that pertain to the organization or personal questions? Please enter here.

Have a general question or problem that one of our reliable staff can answer or help you? Please contact us by fill out the form below.

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