Anxiety Self Help
Ending Panic Attacks and Anxiety Attacks ASAP!

Please view this anxiety self help video to see if you're suffering panic attacks. Then see my experience below...

If that description sounds like you, please click on the link below for immediate help.

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Hi, Kelly Ann Evers here.

As most of you know, if you've spent time on my website, that I’ve suffered severe abuse.

That abuse caused extreme amounts of panic attacks and anxiety attacks. I was terrified of my husband and suffered severely because of it. Anxiety self help treatments were my only hope.

Even after leaving him I still had acute anxiety and panic attacks.

Does this sound familiar?

…all of a sudden intense dry mouth..., stabbing tingling sensations moving from the top of the spine to the bottom then into my stomach...

...I felt the pounding and loud thumping in my head which added even more anxiety...

...nervousness ripped through my stomach like a punch to the abdomen, and then once the sweating began came the rapid breathing....

...And of course the panic attack began

“Terrifying” doesn’t do it justice!

For a while I was taking Xanax (anti-anxiety meds), that helped wonderfully… but I knew that couldn’t be a long term solution – plus the doctor wasn’t willing to let it be a long term solution!

She wouldn’t prescribe it longer than 2 months. Anxiety self help treatments were my only hope.

My anxiety and panic attacks lasted longer than those 2 months – way longer!

With only 4 Xanax left in my prescription jar, I began suffering intense panic attacks.

I became desperate.

When I came across Panic Away at a time I was so desperate that I would have paid $10,000 plus given my first born! Luckily it wasn’t that much :).

I want to encourage you that if you are experiencing anxiety or panic attacks don’t wait, you have enough on your plate.

If you think it’s too much and you don’t have the money, figure out where you can get it.

Look at your expenses, where do you spend money frivolously?

How many extras do you buy at the market?

Gift for the kids?



One thing I’ve learned from working with women in domestic violence situations is that they really do have money! If you want help with anxiety you'll find the money. GUARANTEED!

And I’ve helped them find it to make better decisions for their future. If you’re looking for a better life for you and your children, choose to do this for yourself.

Don’t wait – it just gives you another anxiety attack!

Anxiety self help treatment is the answer.

Please begin today taking care of yourself… as a result, your kids will benefit too!

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