Abused since I was 1 years old

by Hadassah
(West Orange, New Jersey, Essex)

I have questions.

Can you leave because of past abuse?

When someone abuses someone then waits awhile and abuses them again does that person still have the right to leave?

If someone abuses you but gives you things and abuses again, can you still escape? Guilt you know...

If there are good times can you still leave because they are abusing you?

Can you leave because of verbal and pyschological abuse?

I'm so sorry to be asking you aton of questions. Just wondering about senarios like these.
If its not too much trouble can you please answer these questions of mine in order it would be helpful to me. Thank you. Please get back to me.

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Abused and Hurting: Response to Abused Since 1 Years Old
by: Kelly Ann Evers

Dear Hadassah,
What you are experiencing is not right. The abuse being done to you is completely wrong. What you explained is very "typical" to types of abuse. However, just because it's typical doesn't mean it's okay.

I am going to need a little bit more help from you. Are you over 18 years old. The reason for asking is so I can help you with the right help. Even if you say you are under 18, I can still get you help.

Who is abusing you? Parent? Step-parent? Spouse? Boyfriend? Again these questions are to help you better.

Please respond when you can.
Looking forward to helping,

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