Batterers should be identified

by Laura
(Santa Clara,Ca)

To whom it may concern,
How is it that these men can go on from women to women abusing them and their children without any repercussions,sexual offenders are on maps and openly known about but these predators go on hunting with the states blessing.In California unless you are beaten within an inch of your life the state does nothing! They tell you and your children to go to therapy instead of the batterer! He just goes on with his life scouting for his next victim.Welcome to the justice system the women and children who's lives are devastated are suppose to fix themselves. The government makes nothing mandatory for abusers zero rehabilitation that's why it's so rampant. The state has so many files you file is just get dumped in with the rest. The prosecutor cannot even look at all the cases,I guess they're expecting the criminals to just turn themselves in full confession and everything.

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