Change my the way my wife is treating me and my family

by Craig Moreyra

I am really very depressed in life about the things happening in my family. Well I do understanding that in married life things are to happen, but in my case this is happened from the day we got married. I trusted this girl so much and believed all what she said and went in for a Marriage with her, she has got back to all the promises she has made to me. And the cause of her behaving like this is because of her Mother, she keeps call her and sms her all the time, giving her all wrong advices. My wife is the eldest girl of 3 children, and she has taking care of her family as soon as she finished her schooling, it was only because of her that they have come along all these years, as her father is a big drunkard and doesn't bother about the the family. Well I am happy that she did all this to support her family by taking the entire burden. But what hurts me so much is that they have not done anything from her till date, they only made use of her money and energy for the family and she never realizes it at all. I have taken her in marriage not asking anything from them, took her as she is and till date my parents and me have given her everything she wants and showed her all the love and care, but she still doesn't understand. The fact is that she doesn't understand now she is married and no longer belongs fully to her family and that her husband family comes first and she must take care of me and his parents, but in turn she wants only her family. She doesn't like me doing anything for my parents who are getting old now, she doesn't want us to stay with my parents, I am the only son in the family and I can't leave my parents alone, and I will not do that anyway.
She has a younger brother who now can to take care of the family, and this always brings unhappiness among us in the form of fights. Till today her family has not done anything for me as a Son-in-Law nor do they even respect me or my family. We have tried to be so good to her family, but they don't see that... And with so much going on, we got a small child (6 months) old now, I am so worried and concern that my poor son will spoil his life seeing all this rubbish happening. My wife has many times fought with my parents, she even calls them words when she talks to me, she hates them a lot, I am very upset and hurt by all this. She has many times told me that she wants to leave me and go for divorce, even about 4 days back she said she wants to divorce me because of all this rubbish...If it was not for my son, I would have left her along back and gave her want she wants from me divorce... She doesn't understand the meaning of a Christian life and family and marriage, she thinks that a Divorce is like saying Bye and walking away. All I see and know that her mother is spoiling her daughter's life and my wife doesn't see that or realizes it.. Her mother doesn't want to let go of her nor does she wants her to live a happy life, she wants her to rule me, which is not the right thing. I am the Man and the head of the family.... I am really very very upset, hurt, unhappy and confused and don't what and where my life is going to end. I don't see my marriage to my wife continue any longer in the future... Please need you to pray with all your power to our divine lord Jesus, to get into my wife and talk to her and make her understand what wrong she is doing and that she is ruining her own life and the life of our son. Please, please, I beg you to pray that our family is reunited as one.... I have nobody other than Jesus to turn to help me, and if he doesn't help me I don't know where to go...
Sweet Jesus please please help me and sort out all my family problems at once and let not the devil enter my wife again.

Thanks and Regards Heartbroken Husband/son

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Maybe. Just Maybe...
by: Anonymous

Her father is a drunkard. Maybe these women are the reason.

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