Debt Cancellation

by John

Our family is in need of miracle debt cancellation!
A. Three Ways God Supernaturally Removes Debt
Luke 4:14-21
1. He provides the finances.
2. He removes the debt.
3. He moves upon others.

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God Can do a Miracle
by: Kelly Ann Evers

Hi John,
I've seen God do some mighty miracles with people and debt. I know nothing is too hard for Him. I have seen Him create new jobs, money come in the mail and so much more. So I am believing that He can do that same to you.

Lord Jesus, your child is having financial difficulties but you are the God of the Universe. Everything is Yours. If you can cause ravens to bring food and the woman's jar of oil to provide until the famine was over, I am believing the same for John. Do a miracle, create blessings that only you can do. Lord create a miracle that only you can receive the glory!
Lord I am thanking you in advance and giving you the glory for the debt to be removed, in Jesus' name. Amen.
Bless you John, please keep us updated on how you are doing so we can continually pray for you.

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