Domestic Violence and confused about the whole situation

by Maria

I have lived in a very unstable relationship for about 15 years now. I under went a lot of DV the first years and I have always blamed it to alcohol because my husband is a weekend alcoholic.

I was strong ten years ago and could handle a lot more but I can't any more. He began changing for a while but slowly DV started again and I just can handle it any more but at the same time I'm afraid to leave him because I don't think I will make it on my own.

I have undergone depression and currently being treated for it. I feel that with all this it will get worst I have a thirteen year old boy that needs me and I can't break down anymore. I feel miserable unhappy and afraid at the same time.

I'm very confused and need guidance from God please pray for me that I make the best choice and that I heal from my depression. I need to be well to prove to him that I can make it on my own -- because his certain that without him I'm nobody.

I am in great need of internal peace and answers to my many questions dwelling in my mind and only the Lord can answer them. I need strength to go on in life. We have separated in the past but always end up getting back thinking things will change for the best but it's always the same. I need to leave his once and for all or he will end up really hurting me.

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there is hope your in my preyers
by: Anonymous

I will pray for you, because there is hope. There are so many people who care and believe in you. So you have to believe you can do this. I have been with my husband for over 21 years. He hasn't changed. He didn't drink today, so he was pretty nice. But he can be mean. He likes to be controlling, but they can only control us if we let them.
It seems like all abusers have the same manual teaching them how to hurt us and tear us down. I think if all of us got together and shared our own personal stories, they would all sound the same. I don't know how many times I heard, "you would be on the street if it weren't for me."

Well, I'm now looking for work because he broke his foot, so now I guess he will be the one on the street if it weren't for me. :)

I feel sad that these men are so sad and feel so depressed that they feel they need to drag us down with them. I have had my lows too. But I pray to stay strong. I haven't left. Yes I'm scared. But I try to remember that no matter what -- I am: a great wife, a great mom, a great friend, and and a great person -- and he will never take that away from me! TAKE CARE

Hurting from Domestic Violence/ Abusive Relationships
by: Kelly Ann Evers

I know it's hard to live in a domestic violence situation. I know what it's like to be hurting from domestic violence, and see my kids suffer. I have some good news, when children see their mothers get out of a domestic violence situation - many don't repeat the cycle of abuse.

What I want you to know is you are much stronger than you think. Though your husband is telling you you won't make it without him, you will! How do I know? Because one thing I have seen in women who have suffered from domestic abuse is they have to be strong to survive what they go through on a daily basis.

With some planning you can get out and you CAN make it on your own. On this website you will find everything you need to get out.

Don't give up, fight for you and your son. You will love how life can be wonderful without your abuser.

My prayer team and I are praying. Keep us up-to-date what is going on so we can root for you, applaud your progress and pray for you.
Blessings to you,

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