Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence Definition

Domestic Violence Definition: refers to the abuser who uses physical force to injure the victim. The physical violence against a victim ranges from being physically restrained to murder.

Domestic Abuse Definition: refers to the abuser who uses fear, intimidation or threats of abuse to control the victim.

Still not sure what abuse and violence are? Want a more detailed description? No problem! Below are a few links that can help you.

Types of Violence
There are 5 different types of abuse: emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual, and economical. Visit this page for more information.

Signs of an Abusive Relationship
Knowing whether or not you are in an abusive situation is quite normal. Many women are shocked to know they are being abused. Try our 50 question questionnaire to see if you (or someone you know) is being abused.

Understanding Abusers and What to Do
Abusers are not easy to spot. They have the ability to be two different people. To the outside world they often appearto be kind, charming, loving, and caring. But when they are back in their homes, away from their public persona, they can be violent, aggressive, and tormenting to their loved ones.

50 Questions to See if You are Abused
To the average person, asking yourself "am I being abused?" or not knowing if you are being abused seems strange, but many people who are in abusive relationships have been experiencing some sort of abuse since early childhood. If you’ve been exposed to abusive behavior for years, you can become accustomed to it. It’s your “normal” in life. So living with an abuser seems perfectly acceptable.

Understanding Domestic Violence
Understanding Domestic Violence is crucial for anyone experiencing abuse. Whether you’re a victim, family, or friend, we are here to help you. The more you know, the easier it will be.

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