DV Shelters

by LT
(Central Florida)

Im escaping a domestic violence situation and was considering going into a shelter. What are they like?

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Women Shelters
by: Anonymous

Shelters are safe protective homes with wonderful kind patient staff who have mostly been in abusive situations themselves. The shelters are usually in inconspicuous locations so you can feel confident being safe there. I have not stayed at a shelter as an adult but did stay at one as a child and I can say it was the first place I felt really safe. As an adult I volunteered at that agency for 4 years to give back and It was very rewarding. I hope I helped a little and I hope you have a good evening!

Domestic Violence Shelters are REMARKABLE!
by: Kelly Ann Evers

One of my most incredible experiences was when I escaped from my exhusband and entered into a domestic violence shelter.

Prior to arriving, I had a great deal of fear and anxiety. I was so terrified. I didn't know what to expect, and what I thought would happen didn't.

But when I arrived, they were so kind. I felt peace and hope for the first time. After the initial intake forms, they took my daughter and I to our room. And for the first few days, all we had to do was unwind.

After that, the advocates from the domestic violence shelter began preparing all the legal documents for court. In my case we needed a Kick-Out order and restraining orders. Also during that time my daughter and I went to therapy (that was in the shelter). Working with the therapists and in group therapy helped us a great deal.

We made friends with the other women in the shelter our kids played together and it felt like home. My daughter and I loved being there because for the first time in our lives we were safe.

The domestic violence shelter provided everything we needed and more. They helped with finding a job, provided us clothing, food, make-up and all those little things you don't think about until you don't have them.

For me, I have always reccomended women to find a domestic violence shelter. They are there to protect you and your children and help you get on your feet.

My very best to you!
Kelly Ann Evers

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