Eating disorder

by Carolyn

I am just asking for prayer. I am trying to get into an eating disorder treatment facility and I really need my insurance to say yes and pay for RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT.

I need help with a lot of trauma, my eating disorder, agoraphobia, depression, and anxiety. I want a life. I want to start a family.

I want to get better!

And I also need help with our finances. Since there is also some out of pocket expenses - plane ticket and out of pocket max before insurance will pay.

I am very sick and need help & healing from this disorder and many other issues.

I hoping to fly from Minnesota to Nevada to get help this next Monday.

I am scared and beyond petrified. Also flying is scary for me. And I am not very mobile. I also have a ton of medical problems.

I need healing. And I need the right place to take me in and get me the help I need. And if I do get in to this place in Nevada - I am REALLY going to need prayer for God to help me stay out there and really get the right help I need and not be so homesick and want to go home right away.

And we really need prayer for our finances. I never wanted to be a burden on my husband and be this sick. Thank you so much. - Carolyn

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I am Praying for You!
by: Kelly Ann Evers

Dear Carolyn,

I want you to know I'm praying for you. I know what you are going through is very difficult but I know you will succeed.

I know this because you are a determined woman. I see that in your note.

I have seen God do some of the most miraculous things that were beyond impossible. So I am expecting and praying that God will show Himself as such.

I am praying that you will experience God in a way that you've never experienced before.

And I'm praying for a safe trip, fully paid for and a total restoration and healing.

The Lord bless you, Carolyn!

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