How long until I am healed?

by Kim Wilson

I am healing from an abusive relationship and I have God in my life who healed me. However, I had this amazing man in my life who I was dating and I couldn't allow myself to get close to him because I was too afraid. There were certain things that he did, that were normal for a functional relationship, but I just didn't have the healing enough to handle it. He would just ask about my work and want to know what it was like, because I worked with college guys. (I'm the athletic trainers assistant). I would get so defensive because he would ask about it, and it was because my ex was so controlling. I love this man so much. He took over the role of father figure, he was an amazing help to me while I go to nursing school full time. It is like every aspect of my life is great, except that healing inside. How long does that take and how can I know that every guy is not going to control me?

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