I Want to Be a Better Wife

by Jocelynne

If I could just care for our house and myself better everything would be perfect.

He says I don't deserve to have such nice things because I don't take care of them. He says: He smashes them and it's my fault. He says I am the reason he is so angry and if I would keep the house clean he wouldn't be so angry.

Sometimes he says, if I would lose weight he wouldn't have to look at other women. He is right, I am 15 pounds over weight. I know I could look better but I've started stress eating. The angrier he gets the more I eat.

When he is angry -- he is REALLY angry. Most of my valuables are broken. We have holes in our walls and all the gifts he has ever gave me, he broke.

I want to be a good wife, I don't want to upset him, but I do all the time.

I need advice how to keep my husband happy.

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