If I Had One Month to Live

by Tynna
(Utah, USA)

After reading your article “One Month to Live” It gave me a lot to think about. I realized I am NOT living my life with purpose. It gave me a chance to think about my life and I need to do some changes. So…

If I had just one month to live what 5 things would I change about my life:
1. I would call friends and family more.
2. I would drive out to see my children and family.
3. I would invest more time in relationships.
4. I would stop and smell the roses; look at life through a glass is half full perspective.
5. I would focus on the good in my life and not the hardships, sadness, depression, failures.
6. I would help more, give more, love more and smile more.

My life would drastically change because with the thoughts of just one month to live, I would get my mind off myself and onto others. I would begin to live again. Right now I am not living, I am surviving. And that is no life. I would enjoy the most precious gift I have been given which is friends and family. I would stop looking at my past as hopeless and defeated and worthless and a failure but I would look at my past as something that has given me the gift to help victims. Thank you Kelly for continually encouraging me and helping me better myself.

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