Are You in Need of More?

The Secret of Contentment

Are you in need of more? More strength? More hope? More help? More resources? More energy? More of everything?

When life hits hard and your energy, strength, and hope needs recharging and revitalizing the answer is found in 1 Philippians 1:19, “For I know that this shall turn to my salvation through your prayer, and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.”

Our power, strength, fortitude and recharging comes from the never ending, all encompassing, overflowing supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

When we work out of our own strength, our own thoughts, our own ways we become exhausted, overwhelmed, and burned out. However when you tap into the supernatural supply of the Spirit you are receiving a source of power to that is inexhaustible with no lack. You are never in need of more.

The word “supply” in Greek means “on behalf of the choir.” Though challenging to comprehend without background, this is a powerful word that brings to light the fullness of the powerful supply God intends for us to have.

Well over a thousand years in Greece a grand choral and theatrical company spent years creating and developing one of the most dramatically powerful show ever seen.

Those involved spend their lives day in and day out creating this magnificent show. They committed their time, energy, resources making sure that this show would succeed. However, as time drew near to the big day, the company ran out of resources. They were bankrupt. Their dreams, hopes and efforts were over; the show was over.

Yet at that miraculous moment an unknown wealthy man heard of the devastating story and he stepped in and made a huge financial contribution “on behalf of the choir.”

This contribution not only put them back in business but the gift was so outrageously large that it was far more than they needed or could use.

When Paul said the supply of the Spirit of the Lord, he meant that when you are in need of more, at the end of your rope, all appears hopeless, your shutting the doors to your dreams and hopes, you have nothing left in you to fight, that is when the supply comes in and gives you so much that it is far more than you know what to do with it.

Are you in need of a revitalizing? A refreshing? A renewing? Are you in need of strength and energy? Are you in need of vitality? Are you in need of a financial downpour? Do you need a powerful touch from the Lord? Yes? Praise God!

When you are run down Jesus revitalizes you with supernatural strength. When you are overwhelmed Jesus refreshes you with His tranquilizing peace. When you are financially distraught, Jesus provides bountiful resources. Jesus sees you're in need of more; Jesus the Almighty, the All-powerful, gives you an outrageous, overwhelming, and excessively large contribution right at the exact moment you need it.

The Lord Jesus has so much for you beloved. He waits for you to call upon Him with a open heart, open mind and willingness to receive all He has for you. Allow Him to come and overwhelm you with His grand supply.

Allow Him to alleviate the weight you are carrying and allow Him to fill you overflowing with life giving power to get you on your feet again ready to conquer any thing that comes your way today. Amen?

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