Is God Limited?

Knowing the Truth of Gods Promises

Have you ever wondered "is God limited?" Have you ever said to yourself, "this is just to big to ask God." Do you know Gods Promises? Do you know the promises in the bible? Have you limited God?

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When we were children, we dared our friends, or they dared us, to ride a bike down a dangerously steep hill, climb a thirty foot tree, eat worms, or drink horrible-tasting concoctions. It was natural for us to want to experience life fully--even if it involved taking chances that might terrify our parents, or assault our taste buds.

There seemed to be no limit to what we thought we could achieve. Then we grew up and took on the problems of today’s world.

Child Like Faith

When the Lord Jesus says for us to come to Him in childlike faith, many of us struggle with it because what it was like to be a child is just a very distant memory, and the hardships of our adult lives now consume us. When Jesus says “Trust Me, Follow Me, Obey Me” He wants us to turn our lives over to Him without question.

Unfortunately, many of us get so caught up in doubting ourselves, our abilities, our resources, and our strength on a daily basis that we put up our own barriers to letting Jesus help us. We simply don’t believe we are worthy of His help, or we don’t think to ask Him for help, or we believe we can handle it on our own.

We have it all mixed up. Jesus does not say, “Come to Me in your strength and follow Me.” He does not say, “Come with your abilities and your resources so you can do the work I want you to do.” No, He says “Come in your childlike faith and I will give you the grace to do what I say to do.” Jesus is saying that He will work through you using His power.

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Where is God Limited?

Numbers 11:23 (NLT) says, “The Lord said to Moses, ‘Is there any limit to My power?’” Where is God limited? Is He limited with money? No, it is all His. Is He limited by an illness we have? No, He is the Great Physician. Is God limited in power?

No, His power is limitless. We may be weak, but He is strong, and He gives us strength and grace. We may not have resources, but He does. We may not have talents or abilities, but He can give them to us. We may not have understanding, but He can give us wisdom and knowledge.

What do you need that seems impossible? What obstacle is in your way that needs to be moved? What challenges are you faced with that seem too overwhelming?

When you ponder these questions, do you see any areas where you may have limited God?

If God can speak the heavens and earth into existence, raise the dead, give sight to the blind, make the deaf hear, cure diseases, have ravens bring food, have donkeys speak – can our problems, fears, lack of abilities or resources hinder Him? God is the God of the impossible.

If He can cause the sun not to go down for an entire day, send manna from heaven, and have water come from a rock, then nothing is impossible if we believe.

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What Stops God?

So what is stopping God from invading the difficult situations in our lives? It is our faith; we have put limits on God and His power. Let Him invade your impossible situations by taking the limits off Him.

I dare you, my friend, to invite the Lord in today and believe that His thoughts and His ways are higher than yours, and that His power is limitless.

Are you ready to let God’s power shine down on your situation? Are you ready to replace your thoughts of "Is God Limited" to God has no limits?

Great! Then in childlike faith, look up to Jesus, and place your situation in His hands and say: “Lord, I don’t know how Your limitless power can care for this, but in faith I trust You, Lord, and I leave it with You. And I believe that You are working on my behalf seeing the impossible happen. I believe that the impossible situation will be possible through You. I believe that obstacles in my life will be moved because of Your mighty strength and divine grace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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