Last night was my last night being abused but I have no support

by Kisha

After 3 years in a physical & emotional abusive relationship I finally got the courage to call the police & file charges against my abuser after yer another physical altercation.

When I told my family what happened they made me feel even worse about my decision. I was told I was wasting my time with being 6 months pregnant with my 6th child I'm going to let him back & will need him back.

I'm already feeling alone, defeated, & confused. It feels as if I'm standing on air & I don't want to fall again or go backwards. I feel like I'm in this all alone and have no one!!

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Lacking Support
by: Sharron

Dear Kisha: What you have done takes tremendous courage. I support my daughter leaving domestic violence 100% and I am sorry to hear that your family doesn't do the same.

The big thing I have learned is what the abuser has done to my daughter is against the law. It is also against the law for children to be exposed to domestic violence.

End of story. There is no question about leaving then. My daughter's pastor said "Go back and try harder". It doesn't matter what people say.

Your life and the lives of your children are what is important. I pray that you keep writing and praying and finding the support you need.

My heart goes out to you. Sharron

Domestic Abuse Cycle and Abused Wives
by: Kelly Ann Evers

Dear Kisha,
I am so sorry for what you experienced. Having family not support you in the most critical time is heartbreaking -- to say the least.

Although my situation was different (my mother was dying), I know it makes things worse when our families are there to support, help, and encourage us.

Don't allow that to go backwards, you've done a huge thing by leaving. It takes great strength to leave and great courage to care for yourself and your kids. Stand strong, I know you can do it.

Know that leaving is going to break the domestic abuse cycle in your household. This is going to give both of your children a chance to grow up not repeating the domestic abuse cycle by marrying an abuser or being an abuser.

You've done well. This choice you've made has made you a hero! Think about that, you saved your children's life from being abused and from repeating the cycle of abuse -- that makes you a hero!

Please continue to seek help, take a look at the DV Shelters if you need a place to go and find a domestic violence support group close to you. Most DV Shelters has free domestic violence support groups.

Praying for you, Kisha.
All my love,

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