Leaving the Battered Woman Shelter

by Lillian
(Iowa, USA)

Tomorrow I am leaving the shelter. I am terrified. I am ready to go home and start my life, but I am afraid I am not going to make it on my own. I am also afraid I will want to go back to my partner.

1. Safety
2. Courage
3. Peace
4. I can live without my partner
5. I can keep my job
6. I can make it on my own.

Thank you for your prayers,

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You are in God's Hands!
by: Kelly Ann Evers

Lord Jesus, come now and be Lillian's strength in her time of need. Lord, according to Your Word I pray Psalm 59:10 over her:
God loves Lillian and He will help her win. He will defeat her enemies!

Though her life may feel like it's in danger and she has enemies all around her, You God, promise to surround her like a shield so she has nothing to fear. Send the Army of the Lord to surround her and her home and keep her safe at all times.

I ask You Lord to bring peace to her mind and spirit. I ask You to shower her with Your love and comfort her.

I declare that she does not have the spirit of fear but a spirit of power, love and sound mind.

Lord I pray that any fear, anxiety, and stress she is experiencing now will be replaced with joy and freedom. I pray that she will experience Your love, Your kindness, Your peace, and Your comfort in the weeks to come.

Holy Spirit I ask you to guide her steps, I ask you to show her the beautiful life You have planned just for her.

I pray this in Jesus' Name, Amen.

We are proud of you Lillian -- keep up the good work!

I'm Praying for You
by: Anonymous

Lillian, you are brave. Your courage to leave is giving me the courage to leave. Thank you for sharing your prayer request. I am going to keep praying for you.

I Know You Will Be Successful!
by: Kelly Ann Evers

Lillian, you have a powerful team praying for you! And I know you will be successful!

Do you know why? God is right beside you to guide you and protect you. He will be your strength, your hope, your peace and your comfort.

Lillian, one time my sister said to me, "This is a cake walk compared to what you went through." Now I'm going to say it to you: This is a cake walk, compared to the life you had before. You are going to do amazingly well because you are a strong woman.

Any woman that can go through the abuse you did, have courage to leave an abuser, have the courage to find safety in a shelter, and has the courage to find a job and have the courage to take care of themselves -- will do well.

Lillian, I am so proud of you!

Keep us up-to-date with your progress, we want to continue to pray for you and applaud you every step of the way.
Love and blessings,

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