Life after Verbal Abuse

by barbosa
(san francisco)

I've been in a verbally relationship for 10 years and just got out after reading "The verbally relationship" by Patricia Evans. I saw my partner and I in every single page of that book! I had finally found a name for what I have been felling for ages "verbal abuse".

While he's seeing a therapist and "somewhat" takes fault
(probably because I told him I had enough)for what happened, I don't want be with him anymore because I believe he suffers from narcissistic disorder. I think, when looking back, that I never truly felt loved by him and was in serious denial.I feel paralyzed sometimes and in shock.

I'm in a support group and have manage to have some good days but since we have a son together I still have to see him. I just wonder when this will be over. He's is playing the money thing, but you know what?

I can get a second job, yes life will be a bit harder, but I'm worthy of love, respect . I'm taking care of myself now and taking a day at time. Some friends have been supportive, others dont want to bother, so I try to stick with the ones that are with me and maybe make new ones too.

I hope I'm the right track even though I feel pretty sad and mourning a relationship that never really took place, it has been one sided all along. I dont have family here, that sucks..but they are on my side always.
Has anyone out there done with the whole thing and moved on?

I know is a long process and my has just began but I guess I just want to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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