You've Made a Great Choice!

But.. before you order ... Let's imagine the NEW YOU...

The OLD You vs the NEW You!

Imagine yourself (the old you)...

You open the door to the Soup Plantation Buffet, you let your 3 friends go ahead of you.

...You all are giddy about finally spending time together. After paying for your plate, you begin walk towards the buffet...

...just one month ago you'd say "I shouldn't but..." and skip the salad and ...

...head for the the extra-rich double fudge chocolate cream pies with extra whip cream,

... and slices of deep-dish Bing-cherry pie made from freshly picked organic fruit, flaky homemade buttery crust,

...topped with a big scoop of double-churned vanilla-bean ice cream. Next you assess the stone-backed handmade pizzas and Parisian breads dripping in fresh-churned whipped butter.

... Your mouth waters and you strategically choose the right foods that can fit all on that tiny plate they gave you...

... then after stuffing a few mouthfuls you begin to tell your friends all about the emotional roller coaster you road this past two weeks.

... although you see them politely nodding, you know they're tired of your endless drama, never-ending financial woes, and helpless victim antics that never seem to end.

***BUT WAIT! Who's this NEW you?***

Today, the new you, opens the door to the Soup Plantation Buffet.

...You're wearing your new slim fitting A-line-skirt, gently flaring toward the bottom accenting your new size 8 figure.

... your creamy-white Chiffon top, tucked in of course, flatters your long awaited 20 year old waist.

With your new sassy-cut hair style, dramatic makeup, and high heel shoes,'re dressed to draw attention!

... The new you is quickly getting though the salad line to sit down and enjoy your friends.

... Mary asks, "lettuce, tomatoes and diet dressing? What's up?"

... You just smile.

"Forget the salad, LOOK at you!!! You're amazing; you look amazing, what happened?"

... as you lay your fork down, and prepare to talk, you notice that same eerie presence that happens when you open your mouth --

-- they're afraid you're going to share your my-life-sucks-and-I-can't-do-anything-about-it-so-don't-try-to-help-story again...

... but wait! The NEW you starts to talk about all the amazing things going on in your life...'ve lost 22 pounds,

... you've been promoted,

... you're dating a total hottie!

... you're making more money now,

... and you haven't been depressed in months.

... you're now living everyday being one step closer to your dreams.

... your new motto is: "I don't-do-drama anymore...

... Everyday is going to be an exceptionally beautiful day...

... and I'm no longer a victim!"

The NEW you is amazing!

You love waking up and love life.

Things that bothered you don’t bother you anymore. You’re calm, peaceful and lighthearted. You’re quick to listen to others more than talk about yourself. You begin loving yourself.

You’re happy, giddy even. No more depression, upset, emotional roller coasters for you anymore – the new you is perfect.

And everyone wants to be you!

Can You Expect That to Happen to YOU? ABSOLUTELY!

For $67.00 I am going to receive:

  1. Mastering Lasting Change: Take Immediate Control Over Your Emotional and Financial Future ($300.00 off the original price).

Plus 3 Bonus Gifts:

  1. Lose Weight without Trying! 3 Months to a Super-Skinny You! (A $127.00 Value, Yours FREE!)
  2. The Total Success Workbook (A $97.00 Value, Yours FREE!)
  3. Failure or Perceived Failure? The Truth about Our Life (A $145.00 Value, Yours FREE!)

This offer is good until August 20, 2012

After that, prices return to $397.00


  1. I have a full 90 days to review the product
  2. AND if I'm not 100% satisfied I'm guaranteed a 110% money back guarantee!

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