Pray for the faith and happiness for my daughter...

by Karen Wolfe
(Cambria CA USA)

Please keep Kellie in your prayers. I have discovered that the man that I made VOWS TO HONOR, FOR SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH, TO LOVE TIL' DEATH DUE US PART. Made a choice to not do his part. To protect, cherish and be there always.. However he did ONE THING RIGHT,,,
We made love and created a Beautiful, Smart, Loving, Funny and Very Kind child. Yes she is taller then me and witty. But she is MINE and I will NEVER stop for one SECOND ever let her DOWN. I will do what it takes to love, protect, teach and never stop loving her.
Please pray for her and I as we journey together to a healthier and happier life away from the TOXIC, UGLY,ABUSIVE HUMAN BEING. I know that GOD loves us all very much and I am sure that he is very sad to see the pain and mistrust that this man has caused all the people that truly Cared & Loved about him, more then he will ever know. I hope you heal and I will see you one day, maybe in Heaven along side God and all the loving souls that we are....Walking with Jesus
K Wolfe

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