Prosperity Affirmations
Prepare to Prosper

What Can Prosperity Affirmations Do for Me?

Did you know declaring prosperity affirmations can actually change the course of your life? Did you know God wants you to prosper? He wants to give you success in every part of your life: financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.

One of the most precious gifts God has given us is His promise. Scripture is filled with promises that we can believe and trust in. Did you know there is over 30,000 Scriptures that we can stand on in faith? And over 2/3rd of the New Testament is on money matters.

When we speak positive prosperity affirmations over our self and family, over time, it replaces the negative thoughts with positive ones. By declaring these prosperity affirmations you bring the dynamic power of God’s word into every area of your life.

When storms assail us and life causes uncertainties and doubt, we can always stand on the Word of God which is full of promises we can trust in hard times. Below are 62 promises in Genesis alone, that offers you prosperity in every part of your life.

Just print this out and hang it up somewhere where you can read it daily. Before long you will see prosperity overflowing every aspect of your life.

Your Biblical Prosperity Affirmations

  • I have become a mighty one upon the earth. Gen. 10:8
  • God will make me a great nation. Gen. 12:2
  • He will make my name great. Gen 12:2
  • I will be a blessing. Gen. 12:2
  • I do not need to fear God is a shield to me. Gen. 15:1
  • My reward will be very great. Gen 15:1
  • I walk before God and am blameless. Gen.17:1-2
  • He will multiply me exceedingly. Gen 17:1-2

  • He has established his covenant with me and my decedents throughout their generations. Gen 17:2
  • Nothing is too difficult for God. Gen. 18:14
  • God has given me great laughter. Gen 21:6
  • God is with me in all that I do. Gen 21:22
  • God has blessed me in every way. Gen 24:1
  • God has granted me success today; He is showing me loving kindness. Gen. 24:12
  • God has sent His angel with me to make my journey successful. Gen. 24:40
  • The Lord has prospered my way. Gen. 24:56
  • I am satisfied with life. Gen. 25:8
  • Because I obey God and keep His commandments, statutes and laws He will bless me and my descendants. Gen. 26:2-5
  • Because I have sowed in the land, I reap in the same year one hundredfold. Gen. 26:12
  • I have become rich and continued to grow richer and becoming very wealthy. Gen. 26:13
  • I do not need to fear because God is with me. Gen. 26:14
  • The Lord has blessed me wherever I turn. Gen. 28:30
  • God will not allow anyone to hurt me. Gen 31:6
  • God has seen my afflictions and the toil of my hands so He rendered judgment last night. Gen. 31:42
  • The Lord is with me and I have become successful. Gen 39:2
  • All will see that the Lord is with me and how the Lord has caused me to prosper. Gen. 39:3
  • Wherever I go the blessings of God is upon that place.Gen.39:5
  • The Lord is with me and extended kindness to me and gave me favor. Gen. 39:21
  • God has caused me to forget all my troubles. Gen 40:51
  • God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction. Gen. 40:52
  • God blesses me with blessings of heaven. Gen. 49:25

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