Ready to Give Up?
Don't Worry God Will Intervene

Have you’ve been ready to give up? Have you ever seen God intervene in a situation just in the nick of time? I did. Almost 5 years ago, while on pastoral staff, I planned on turning in my resignation. I was burned out, fed up, and ready to give up. My life seemed unfair, justice wasn’t coming my way, and I was done serving God. My plans and God’s plans were quite different that day.

My plan was to finish my commitment at church that Sunday then hand my pastor the resignation. That morning the worship team played a new song, “He Came to My Rescue.” As I saw the words up on the PowerPoint, all the pain and hurt I felt from my loss and the unjust situation I was dealing with welled up in me.

The Pastor stood up and began preaching, my mind was still on the song. Although I tuned in and out of the preaching that morning, the pastor’s tone caught my attention when he spoke with a deep sadness. I somehow knew this was for me. He said there is someone here who feels as if they haven’t been rescued.

They’ve been crying out to God throughout the service that God is caring for everyone else but you. But God wants you to know He sees you are ready to give up, He hears your cries, and He has been crying with you. His heart is grieved for your loss. He wants you to know He is not the author of your pain and loss, but He is the author of your soon-to-come victory. Listen to me, the pastor said with a quivering voice, God has not forgotten you, He has not abandoned you, He is right there with you. Your victory is coming soon, don’t give up, stay where you are and let Him guide you.

I broke down into tears. Who am I that God would stop a service to talk to me? He loved me so much that He put church on hold while He reached out to me to let me know He is with me. If you have ever felt like God has abandoned you or you feel like you are alone in your pain, God wants you to know He is there for you. God will go to great lengths to intervene in a situation. And yes, if God needs to, He will stop a church service for you too!

If you are burned out and ready to give up, listen to the words of Peter: “…writing to the exiles scattered to the four winds. Not one of you is missing, not one forgotten. God the Father has His eye on each of you…” (1 Peter 1:1-2 Message)

God your Father has not forgotten you, He has His eye on you and watching over you. Don’t give up, stand strong and wait to see the victory of the Lord come on your behalf. Though you may not see hope in your situation, God is a God of Hope and a God of Victory and His plans for you are quite spectacular. If you are ready to give up, God wants you to know, He knows and He is right by your side to help you.

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