where are the support groups located?

where are the support groups located?

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Domestic Violence Support Groups
by: Kelly Ann Evers

Hi, and good question...

The domestic violence support groups we have on this website can be found at: https://www.domestic-violence-help.org/domestic-violence-support-group.html.

Our support group forums are a "help and be helped" type of group, we are a group of women who have gone through a similar situations as you have and love to share our tips and ideas that have helped us.

Otherwise if you are looking for small groups in your city, contact your local domestic violence shelter and they will direct you to the closest one to you.

If you have trouble finding a domestic violence support group in your area call 211 on your phone. They are a domestic abuse hotline that will have resources for you for DV support groups and all other domestic violence help needs.

Other resources can be found at 800-799-SAFE. This is a domestic violence hotline with great resources (pretty much everything you'll need).

I hope that helps!

Blessings to you,

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