Women Abused in Public

Men Abusing Women in Public with Words, Actions, Gestures and Violence

I don’t think there is anything more humiliating than seeing women abused in public. There right in front of a crowd, your spouse or significant other abuses you in public so all will hear and see.

This type of abuse is intentional. He may be remorseful and even ask for forgiveness (after the fact) but when men who abuse women in public do it with intentionality. Their goal is to control you. They want to humiliate you enough so that you will submit to them – being under their full control.

The Abusers Cause You to Walk in Total Fear

Over time as the abuser continues abusing women in public, they “learn” to walk in terror of what he will do next. Before I continue, let me point out that this is something that he does only to his victims not anyone else.

Abusers abuse their victim, they choose who they are going to abuse and he chooses how they will control their victims. They are very intentional with every move they make so that there is no question in the victims mind that he will harm the victim if they don’t stay submitted to him.

The Abusers Tatics

Women abused in public can be done in a few ways: abusers use a variety of intimidation tactics that scare you into total compliance. Whether he uses a loud voice, with threatening looks or gestures or conveying a message by crumbling paper or other items in your face to let you know you’ve crossed the line.

His goal is to send a clear message that if you don’t obey him that very moment there will be consequences and you are to expect violence.

Some of the other things he will do is shame you in public making you feel worthless. This type of abuse destroys the soul, it corrodes the self-esteem making you feel powerless over any situation that comes your way.

This type of abuse, in many cases, causes women to do whatever the abuser wants including illegal things. And consequently, they become so fearful of what he will do that their submission causes them to do things they would never do if they weren’t with the abuser.

The Abusers Make You Powerless to Do Anything

The more powerless he causes the victim to be, the more he has total control over them. This type of abuse does more damage than physical abuse. This type of abuse causes women to live in a robotic state or slave-like state willing to do anything just to appease the violent man – even if it means doing things against their own morals.

If any of these sounds familiar there is help, you don’t have to be abused any more. Please reach out, and know we have resources to help you.

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