Be The Most Excellent You!

Did you know you are the most excellent you?
You are the only you.
There is no one like you.
God has created you to be the unique you, the only you who exists.
That is why only you can become the excellent you, you are.
Whether you are a mother, a banker, a janitor;
Whether you are a pastor, a salesman, or an operator,
God made you to be you.
And He wants you to be the best you, you can be.
It is up to you to be exceedingly steadfast, exceptionally purposeful,
extremely determined to be the excellent you, you can possibly be.
Rise up, brush yourself off and step out.
The time is now, the moment has come where you say
I am going forward to be all God created me to be.
Yes, today choose to be the most excellent you!

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