Leaving an Abusive Relationship

How to Leave and Pack

Are you wondering about leaving an abusive relationship? Knowing the right timing is not always easy. There may be different situations to consider, such as: children, school, work, and so forth. If it is possible, try to leave your batterer during a calm and peaceful stage of the relationship.

Leave when they would least likely think you would leave them. It’s possible that you will never return to the house again, so if you pack when your mind is clear, instead of under great stress, you will be able to grab everything you need.

However, if you and/or your children are in danger, leave, don't wait. Belongings can always be replaced. Safety comes first -- ALWAYS!

Checklist of What You Need to Pack

We have created for you a checklist of items that will be most beneficial for you to have before leaving an abusive relationship. It is best to have these items in a safe place (like a friends house, at work, in your trunk, etc.) prior to leaving. Find a place that the abuser will not discover it accidentally. However, your safety is more important. If you must leave without the items below, it is possible to return to the house with a police escort or through a court order.

Take only the original copies of legal documents if it is safe. Copies of the items is okay.

    √ Phone numbers:

    • Police/911
    • Domestic Violence Hotline number
    • Friends/Family
    • Pastor or clergy
    • Attorney
    • Other numbers important to you

    √ Clothing for at least 3 days for yourself and children

    √ Money

    √ Keys to house, car, work

    √ Medicine

    √ Driver’s license

    √ Pictures, jewelry, precious items

    √ Glasses, contact lenses

    √ Credit cards, checks

    √ Our Family Emergency Plan

Freedom is YOUR Choice

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