Stress Management Questionnaire

Simple Changes to Reduce Stress

Are you ready to reduce stress through our Stress Management Questionnaire? In no time you will be well on your way to reducing stress from your life!

These simple changes can be done by anyone. With a little effort you too can have a calmer, less stressed home life. The best way to do this is take out your calendar and see where you are spending your time. Map out your weekly schedule. Add the things you have to do, don’t forget to add those little things like: cooking dinner, laundry, driving kids to school, etc.

When you use the stress management questionnaire you may just discover that you have been giving too much of your time to things you really don’t care about. And with that, within a couple of weeks or a month you may be able to free up a lot of your time.

Calculate what you have to do, with what you want to do, and see if you really have time to do it all.

Here are some of the questions I use in my coaching sessions:

  • Define what you REALLY want to do
  • Define what your passions and dream are
  • Look over your schedule and see if you are doing what you really want to do
  • What things are you doing that you love, and what are you doing that you don’t want to do
  • What can be removed from your schedule?
  • What is causing you stress?
  • What symptoms of stress are you experiencing (See Signs of Stress)?
  • How are these symptoms affecting your life, (See Mary's Example)?
  • Are you saying “yes” to too many things?
  • Looking over your schedule, how many hours do you have to do what you REALLY want to do
  • Do you take time out of your day to relax?
  • If you had the perfect life what would it look like?
  • What are you willing to give up to have that perfect life?
  • What are you willing to do to have that perfect life
  • If you were talking to a friend, and she had your life, what would you recommend to her?
  • Do you think you gave your friend good advice? Would you be willing to take your own advice?

Once you’ve answered all the questions, see how you can re-prioritize your schedule. There are many ways to begin to re-prioritize your life. Some may be just saying “no” to the many requests for your time. Maybe it’s time to resign from a few things that aren’t bringing you satisfaction.

About 4 years ago I learned the all-important word “no.” But unfortunately it came after a multitude of burn outs, anxiety attacks, and serious health problems. What I discovered is that there will always be something that needs to get done – but I didn’t always need to be the person who had to do it.

Just because someone asks us to do something doesn’t mean we are the person who needs to do it. We can say no! And much of the time, we need to say no so we don’t harm ourselves and family in the meantime.

I came up with my own theory that helped me learn to say “no” without that annoying guilt trip I would lay on myself. I would say to myself, “My health and family (and my mental status) is too important to me to take that on at this time. I deserve to treat myself with respect, and I deserve to take good care of myself.” With that, I would forget about it and move on.

Use this Stress Management Questionnaire with an accountability partner. If you don't have one we have a women's support group where there are women just like you wanting to set goals, and reduce stress with friends who will encourage each other. Also, if you are looking for a bit more help, our personal mentoring program with Kelly may be the answer. We have many programs to meet all financial needs.

P.S. We have other stress management pages to help you reduce stress. Please visit: Tips on Goal Setting,   Encouraging Bible Verses Daily Affirmations or our Ready to Give Up pages to help, encourage and heal you.

This Stress Management Questionnaire page is not intended to replace medical care and proper diagnosis. Please seek proper medical care for correct diagnosis and treatment.

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