When I Look to God in Prayer

Discovering God's Love

There is a love that overflows,
a heart that is touched,
and a hope that is discovered
when I look to God in prayer.
There is a peace that floods my mind,
a compassion for those around me,
and a love that stirs my soul
when I look to God in prayer.
There is a song that pours out from my lips,
a dance that makes me twirl,
and a laughter that sings out from me
when I look to God in prayer.
How beautiful, how lovely my God is.
How overwhelmingly awesome my Savior is.
How tender, how kind my Abba Father is.
I have a Lord, a Father who loves me,
the Lord God Almighty who thinks so highly of me.
The Maker of the Universe who calls me His own.
Who am I that He would love me so much?
I am His precious child that He loves so dearly,
His delight and the apple of His eye.
I am His and He is mine.

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